Lotus GreenTech consistently offers the best products for the construction because each piece of equipment has the technology and power that you need to complete every job. Lotus GreenTech is totally committed to your satisfaction, day after day, year after year.


We are the exclusive distributor for technology products in field of process measurement, detection of the leading manufacturers in Europe.


Water is the lifeline, is an invaluable resource, plays a very important role in life, have a huge impact on the natural environment. So the water supply to ensure clean life and eliminate all sources of harm to human health. Lotus Greentech company is now a leading company in providing solutions to the most advanced technologies in process filtration and water treatment. Our company is representative distributor for the world's leading corporations as BWT and Krohne.


Lotus GreenTech is leading company in Vietnam in the field of ME systems which in building the system works as modern buildings, hotels, commercial areas, supermarkets, hospitals, stadiums action, government buildings, ... including water supply systems, sewerage systems, stormwater systems, heating systems, refrigeration systems, pipe construction equipment, ... Now, We are exclusion distributor many brands in Europe as Aquatherm, Wavin, Duker, Rothenberger and vPVC of Paling in Malaysia.

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