Dextra Group – Solutions for Construction & Industry

Established in 1983 by French expatriate entrepreneurs, Dextra Group constantly strives towards innovation and growth, leading to diversification. Our three main activities are manufacturing, trading and freight forwarding, all within the construction and industrial sectors.

Dextra Unitec – Repair coupler to fix rebar splicing issues

Unitec is a shear-bolt coupling system designed to splice rebar with a simple tool. No rebar preparation is needed as the two bars are locked consecutively into the Unitec couplers using a standard impact wrench.The heads of the bolts shear off when the required torque is reached. Unitec is ideal for remote locations and quick action!

Dextra – Splicing methods for parallel-threads rebar couplers

The A,B,C connection types used on Dextra® parallel-thread BARTEC®, FORTEC®, ROLLTEC® systems

Dormakaba – Dorma and Kaba are dormakaba

Dormakaba has resulted from the merger of the two well-established brands Dorma and Kaba, both known for their expertise in the area of smart and secure access solutions. Together we stand for more than 150 years of security and reliability. With our combined forces we will generate long-term added value for our stakeholders. This value comes from the combination of complementary product and services portfolios and a comprehensive presence along the entire value creation chain as well as around the world.

Our master brand dormakaba stands for our offering of products, solutions and services for secure access to buildings and rooms from a single source. Our global brand power supports us to become the trusted industry leader.

Dormakaba – Touch Free Access Solutions


By eliminating the need to touch contaminated surfaces, you can ensure health and well-being of people who visit the place.


The low energy automatic door operators are safe to use even for the elderly and children. Touch free access ensures safety for all.


Entry is convenient, as the doors open even when your hands are full of carrying bags and packages

Dormakaba – Digital Mortise Lock– ML530 – User Guide

You can now unlock your door with a simple touch and can even remotely monitor the lock status and share the digital key to any visitors. Designed for luxury apartments and houses, the dormakaba M series offers no compromise when it comes to reliability and performance, security, dependability and versatility in a modern design and finish.

Dornbracht – Versatile Bathroom Design Series VAIA

With Vaia, Dornbracht has introduced a new design fitting adding a new aspect to the Dornbracht design principles. Inspired by the ‘eclectic style’ interior design trend, the distinctive design is both elegant and progressive. Vaia is therefore equally at home in traditional and modern bathroom architectures – as well as those that combine the elements of different style worlds.

Dornbracht – Touchfree: water control without a visible sensor for maximum design variety

Touchfree applications will become increasingly relevant anywhere that a great number of visitors are expected – this includes semi-public washroom facilities in hotels, offices and restaurants, as well as airport lounges. Whereas previously, the basin fittings in these sites have mostly made use of infrared sensors, Dornbracht’s Touchfree will bring the advantages of high-frequency technology to these areas for the first time. The added value: Touchfree has a sensor that is entirely invisible on the fitting and can – just like a motion detector – be attuned to different ranges. The reliable and convenient Touchfree sensor automatically switches the water on, as well as off again, as soon as the individual leaves the washplace.

Geberit – Made by Geberit Company Movie

The Geberit Group, which is active worldwide, is the European market leader for sanitary products and offers unique added value both in the field of sanitary technology and in the area of bathroom ceramics. Who we are and what we do is presented in this two minutes corporate movie.

Geberit – ONE mirror cabinet with ComfortLight, concealed – Installation

The highlight of the new Geberit ONE mirror cabinet is the integrated innovative Geberit ComfortLight lighting concept. The interior of the Geberit ONE mirror cabinet is automatically illuminated perfectly by the niche light and the upper mirror light. The light control can be infinitely dimmed and is also intuitive and very easy to operate. If customers switch the light brighter, the light temperature automatically becomes cooler and darker light automatically becomes warmer. It is precisely this coupling of light temperature with light intensity that defines Geberit ComfortLight.

Geberit – ONE WC – Installation

Installation of Geberit ONE WC with Duofix. demo of height-adjustability, TurboFlush and easy fixation to the wal. Installation film demonstrates the fast and easy installation of the Geberit ONE wall-hung WC.

Geberit ONE Washplace – Installation

Installation of Geberit ONE WC with Duofix. demo of height-adjustability, TurboFlush and easy fixation to the wal. Installation film demonstrates the fast and easy installation of the Geberit ONE wall-hung WC.

Geberit ONE floating wash basin – Installation

Installation of Geberit ONE floating washplace: Geberit ONE floating washbasin, Geberit ONE wall tap. Installation film demonstrates the fast and easy installation of the Geberit ONE floating washbasin and wall tap with Duofix element.

Geberit Tap System Functionality

Geberit tap system: The new Geberit tap system impresses thanks to its slim, elegant, robust and easy-to-install wall-mounted taps.