WP Series


WP Series SNOW uPVC pipes. Soil, Waste & Vent Systems (SWV)

pp series 1

WP Series SNOW uPVC pipes with one end rubber ring joint. Soil, Wasta & Vent Systems (SWV)

pp series 3

  1. WP Series SNOW uPVC pipes are equivalent to BS5255 for pipe diameters below 1/2 2″ (65mm) and BS4514 for pipe diameters from 3″ (80mm) to 6″ (150mm) equivalent to AS1415 and MS1063:1986 standards.
  2. Pipes are manufactured in compliance with SS213. These pipes have been granted approval for use in the Republic of Singapore by the Ministry of the Environment, Sewerage Department, Singapore.
  3. Pipes are suitable for above ground soil, waste and vent systems.
  4. Pipes are suitable for use with SNOW fittings complying with SS213 or equivalent to BS5255, BS4514 and AS1415.
  5. The above pipes are manufactured in white colour. Other colours are however available upon request.


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