Wavin PE pressure pipes


Wavin offers a comprehensive range of PE pressure pipe systems designed for potable water, gas and industrial applications and rising mains. Wavin PE pressure pipes are mainly manufactured from high-density polyethylene, PE100. PE is especially suitable for pressure applications due to the high flexibility level. PE also guarantees impact resistance even at low temperatures.

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  • High reliability and proven service performance
    PE is the preferred choice, particularly in buried pipe systems like water and gas distribution systems.
  • High impact resistance
    Wavin PE shows an enormous resistance against impact, surge and fatigue.
  • Resistance to low temperatures
    Due to its high ductility, toughness and elasticity, Wavin PE gives no problems during installation and operation at low temperatures.
  • Excellent chemical resistance
    Wavin PE is resistant to a large number of chemical agents.
  • Smoothness of bore
    Optimal flow through smooth interiors.
  • Ease of assembly
    Because of the good fuse-ability and flexibility of PE, long lengths can be assembled outside the (narrow) trench. The fused joints are strong and highly reliable.




Wavin’s PE pressure pipes are suitable for the transport and distribution of potable water and gas, for industrial applications and pressure sewers.

Wavin PE Pressure pipe 2



The Wavin PE pressure pipe range consists of a wide assortment of pipes available in many diameters, different pressure classes and a variety of colours. Wavin PE pressure pipes are available in sizes 20mm – 800mm. The small sizes are available on coils, larger sizes in pipe lengths.


Quality requirements


The PE pipe and fittings supplied by Wavin meet all requirements in accordance with the respective EN and ISO standards, such as:

  • EN 12201 / ISO 4427 for potable water applications
  • EN 1555 / ISO 4437 for gas applications.
  • EN 13244 / ISO 8772 for pressure sewers.

Wavin PE pressure pipes have received product quality marks from all important certification institutes, such as DVGW, KIWA and Nordic Polymark. The pipes carry the applicable kitemarks. Rigorous testing and quality control throughout the entire production process ensure the reliability of the systems. Product and material certificates offer the highest level of quality and reliability.

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