Wavin Black Pipes


Wavin black pipe 2Wavin Black are manufactured from high-density polyethylene, PE 100. PE is especially suitable for the transport and distribution of portable water, for industrial applications and pressure sewers. PE has a high flexibility level and guarantees impact resistance even at low temperatures.


Polyethylene is the most widely known mass-produced plastic material. It is the classical member of the polyolefine family. The chemical formula is: -(CH2-CH2)n, so it is an environmentally compatible hydrocarbon product. Wavin offers a comprehensive range of PE (polyethylene) pressure pipe systems designed for potable water, as well as for many other pressure and non-pressure applications. These provide the professionals the option to choose the best systems even for the most demanding of projects.


Features and benefits


  • High reliability and proven service performance

PE is the preferred choice, particularly in buried pipe system.


  • Resistance to low temperatures

Due to its high ductility, toughness and elasticity, Wavin Black gives no problems during installation and operation at low temperatures.


  • High impact resistance

The enormous resistance against surge and fatigue eliminates the necessity of a higher pressure rating and investments in anti surge devices.


  • Abrasion resistance

Comparisons have shown that PE pipes have a higher abrasion resistance than other materials, therefore PR pipes are the most preferred for slurry transporting systems.


  • Excellent chemical resistance

To a great number of chemical agents.


  • Wide variety of installation methods

PE pipes offer the installer all possible solutions for installation, which can provide considerable time and costs savings. PE pipes are for example preferred in trenchless and “narrow trenching” installation.


  • Optimum protection

Against point loads and surface damages.


  • Ideal for trenchless applications and installations

No sand embedding needed


  • Suitable for all modern welding techniques

All comon fusion methods used for PE 100, can be applied.


  • Easy and economical installation

Similar to traditional PE. No “imported” backfill material is needed.


  • Very long service life

Even with outside damages.


  • More cost effective

The possibility of using the native soil for backfill, reduces substantially the installation costs.


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