Wavin AS


Wavin AS is a complete low noise, soil and waste system made of Astolan . The material Astolan® is mineral-reinforced polypropylene with high molecular 3 density 1.9 gr/cm and also has resistance to hot water & chemicals in accordance with DIN EN 12056 and DIN 1986-100.


Wavin AS pipe and fittings guarantees high mechanical resistance, excellent sound proofing performance, extremely smooth internal surfaces and high resistance to chemical substances.


The push-fit sockets of Wavin AS pipes and fittings are factory fitted with EPDM single lipped ring seal that guarantees easy and leak proof joints, hydraulic tightness and free movement of the pipe caused by heat expansion. The shape of the socket ensures speed and ease of installation.


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Noise Insulating Properties: Wavin AS is the optional solution where noise insulation is required.  ® Astolan has a high specific weight and special molecular structure, which enables absorption of airborne as well as structure borne sound. Sound energy can not spread over the pipe wall.


Resistance to Hot Water: Wavin As system is resistance to hot water and fullfil o o the requirements of DN 1986 which means 95°C short term and 90°C long term temperature loading.wavin-as 2


Chemical Resistance: Wavin AS system can transport waste liquids with pH values between 2 and 12. It has a high resistance to the most common chemical agents.


Impact Resistance : Wavin AS products show high impact resistance at extremely harsh temperature as low as – 20°C.


Easy Installation : Without use of any special tools and push-fit jointing method installation of Wavin AS system is easy and requires less time.


Range: Wavin AS socketed pipes are available in DN 56, 70, 100 mm and plain ended pipes in DN 150 and 200 mm sizes of 3 mtr. length with wide choice of fittings and accessories.





Material: Astolan polypropylene mineral reinforced, resistance to hot water, DIN 4102, B2.


Colour : Light grey RAL 7035

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