Wastewater analysis


Measurement and control systems designed to the highest standards make it possible to run sewage treatment plants efficiently and keep costs down. In all areas of industrial or community wastewater treatment, KROHNE provides support for the optimisation of your processes:

Auxiliary materials like chemicals used in precipitation reactions or neutralisations, can be dosed as needed and energy costs can be reduced, for example, in aeration for the biological treatment stage.

You maintain threshold values and reduce sewage treatment fees

Applications in wastewater treatment include:

  • Inlet: monitoring influent values
  • Primary clarifier: automatic wasting of primary sludge
  • Biological treatment: aeration control
  • Secondary clarifier: automatic wasting of sludge, prevention of sludge washout, post-precipitant dosage
  • Outlet: monitoring of effluent values
  • Determination of chemical oxygen demand (COD) in dairy wastewater

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