Vortex flowmeters


Vortex flowmeters are based on the principle of the Kármán vortex street and are used in main as well as auxiliary and supply processes. Capable of compensating for different temperature and pressure conditions, they measure the volume flow of both conducting and non-conducting liquids, industrial gases and steam.

Applications include measurement of:

  • Saturated steam and superheated steam
  • Gross and net heat for energy management systems
  • Hot steam, also for CIP and SIP processes
  • Liquefied gas, wet gas and flue gas
  • Demineralised water and boiler feed water
  • Solvents and heat transfer oil
  • Steam boiler monitoring
  • Compressor output
  • Consumption in compressed air systems
  • Free air delivery (FAD)
  • Burner consumption


  • Integrated pressure and temperature compensation for fluctuating pressures and temperatures
  • Temperature compensation for saturated steam included as standard
  • Gross and net heat calculation to support advanced energy management
  • Non-wearing, fully-welded stainless steel construction with high resistance to corrosion, pressure and temperature
  • SIL2 certified
  • Redundant Data Management: Easy exchange of electronics without loss of calibration and parametrisation data
  • Use in hazardous areas



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