VARIOKIT Heavy-Duty Truss Gidger VRB


The system consists of different types of frames which take the varying load conditions into account.

A distinction is made between

Support frames
for transferring the loads into the heavy-duty shoring towers

Coupling frames
for higher shear forces close to the support as well as for use at intermediate supports and coupling joints

Standard frames
for use in the middle span

PERI UP modular scaffold is used in order to ensure safe access to heavy-duty shoring.

Technical Details

  • With span widths from 18 m onwards, the maximum bending moment of 3,000 kNm is decisive.
  • By combining the different frames and the compensation function of the support frames, all span widths can be realised without breaks and the assembly tolerances of the support can also be compensated.

VARIOKIT heavy- duty shoring tower vst2VARIOKIT heavy- duty shoring tower vst6

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