VARIOKIT Heavy- Duty Shoring Tower VST


Through the incorporation of standardised system components, it is possible to create various shoring systems:


4-leg towers
Dimensions of 2 m x 2 m in its standard configuration
Or in each statically required dimension up to a max. 6.50 m x 6.50 m


Towers with legs
In areas that have to bear heavy loads, the load-bearing capacity can be doubled in-situ through the use of plegs.


Shoring tower frames
Single towers can also be attached to the frames and this enables them to achieve a noticeably higher cross-sectional stiffness in one direction.


Bird cage scaffold
By connecting individual shoring tower frames, it is also possible to increase the cross-sectional stiffness in the second direction.


Main beam frames
In the area of abutments and piers, the system can also be implemented as main beam frames up to a height of 10 m, but only with the head support.


The system is supplemented by PERI UP which provides safe access.


Technical Details


  • Leg loads up to 700 kN
  • Deployment up to 40 m in height is included in the assembly instructions
  • Greater heights are possible if incorporated into project-specific planning
  • The head spindle can be operated with overhanging hydraulics when fully loaded
  • With the graduated lengths of the RCS rails, two compensation elements and the head spindle, all heights are continuously realisable.

VARIOKIT heavy- duty shoring tower vst VARIOKIT heavy- duty shoring tower vst2 VARIOKIT heavy- duty shoring tower vst3 VARIOKIT heavy- duty shoring tower vst4 VARIOKIT heavy- duty shoring tower vst5 VARIOKIT heavy- duty shoring tower vst6

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