VARIO GT 24 Wall Formwork

 vario-gt-24-girder-wall-formwork With the continuously adjustable panel connections, VARIO GT 24 allows the forming of all designs and applications. It can be used as formwork project for industrial and residential construction, bridge abutments or retaining walls, for each ground plan and all heights. Formlining, girder spacing as well as tie positions are freely selectable.

Variable arrangement of formwork girders and walers


Tie positioning and joint pattern design according to planning requirements


Well thought-out
Elongated hole in walers and couplings allow continuous compensation; the panel connection is flush, aligned and tight

vario-gt-24-wall-formworkvario-gt-24-wall-formwork (1) vario-gt-24-wall-formwork (3)vario-gt-24-wall-formwork (2)

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