Variable area flowmeters


Variable area flowmeters are suitable for measuring pure liquids and gases. They have an upright conical tube made of metal, glass or plastic, in which a float moves freely up and down. The flow through the tube causes the float to rise until the forces are in equilibrium.

Typical applications include:

  • Measurement and dosing of additives such as catalysts, surfactants, foam and corrosion inhibitors, caustic soda, chlorine or sulphur substances, etc.
  • Inerting of tanks or containers
  • Measurement and dispensing of rinsing mediums (purge meters)
  • Sample feed measurement for analyser systems
  • Dosing and monitoring of lubricants and coolants for bearings and seals for process pumps and rotating machinery
  • Hygienic applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Measurement of gases and chemicals in laboratories and test facilities
  • Gas/oil burner consumption measurement


  • Local indication without the need for auxiliary power
  • Use in hazardous areas
  • Accurate measurement even at very low flow rates (<0.5 l/h)
  • Extended turndown ratio up to 100:1
  • Suitable for low operating pressures
  • Can be used even with short or no straight inlets/outlets
  • Modular display and measuring transducer concept: easy component replacement
  • World’s only all-metal variable area flowmeter with
  • EHEDG certification
  • Flowmeters for nuclear power plants meet requirements of KTA 1401, RCC-E, RCC-M and ASME Section III and we are authorized to manufacture products with ASME
  • N stamp and NPT stamp
  • SIL2 certified
  • Any meter orientation possible: vertical, horizontal or in fall pipes
  • Optional limit switches, current output, totalizer, communication interfaces



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