peri-uno  With the PERI UNO formwork system, walls, columns, slabs, beams and stairways are realised using the monolithic construction method. The system offers a construction-compliant and fast solution for the forming of frequently repetitive floor plans – horizontal (e.g. terraced houses) or vertically (e.g. multi-storey apartment blocks).
Easy to assemble
A hammer is sufficient when working with UNO, special tools are not required. Only for the tie operations a wrench size SW 19 is needed. Due to the pre-assembly of the anchor sleeves, height adjustment of the wall panels automatically takes place when the panels are lined up next to each other.Small number of accessories
The low number of accessories accelerates working processes and simplifi es onsite material requirements and logistics.


Reduced loss rate
Accessories are lost far less frequently than with the use of numerous small components.


Unique tie technology
The conical-shaped ties only need to be installed from one side and can be frequently re-used. Compared to conventional fl at steel ties, at least 50% less ties are required.


Fast and simple striking
The specially-developed striking technology for the wall formwork facilitates and accelerates the striking process. The drophead system allows early striking of the slab to take place and reduces on-site material requirements.


Reliably tight connections
Sealing profiles on the ground contact area of the wall panels compensate for any unevenness on the ground itself. As a result, the loss of slurry is signifi cantly reduced.

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