Temperature assemblies


KROHNE has a wide portfolio of standard pre-fitted temperature assemblies for solid, liquid, gaseous and steaming mediums. We can also provide you with systems that are custom-made for your specific requirements.

Typical applications include:

  • Chemical industry: measurement of liquids, gases and solids, acids and alkalis, abrasive or corrosive mediums in pipes, vessels and reactors
  • Iron & steel industry: measurement in production and during the thermal treatment of steels, gas and ovens, as well as cooling mediums temperatures
  • Power generation: steam and flue gas, as well as measurements of cooling mediums and bearing temperatures
  • Hygienic applications: production and cleaning processes according to the stringent requirements of GMP, FDA, EHEDG and others

Depending on process conditions temperature, pressure, flow velocity and medium properties we will recommend an appropriate temperature assembly and the materials to use. We will then support you when it comes to choosing the right combination of thermo-well and sensors/measuring inserts for your application resistance (RTD) or thermocouple (TC).

Used in combination with the correct insert, head and neck pipe, our range of thermowells will ensure maximum process certainty.


  • Various process connections: insert, screw in/threaded, flanged, weld-in, compression fittings, coatings and covers, gas-tight threaded sleeves, sliding flange
  • Standardised and customer-specific temperature assemblies
  • Replaceable spring-loaded measuring inserts made from mineral isolated cable, durable, with low drift and high resistivity
    against any mechanical load
  • Connection heads for a wide variety of requirements
  • Extensive range of accessories



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