ST 100 Stacking Tower



PERI ST 100 has been designed for fast assembly and dismantling. The individual components are simply fitted together without tools and make utilization also at low heights very cost-effective. With the 50 cm high stacking frame, all heights can be easily assembled without requiring any pre-planning.


Detailed calculations of material according to combination tables, corresponding work preparation and time-consuming searches for many different parts are not necessary with the PERI ST 100. PERI ST 100 is type tested up to 22.29 m. This makes time-consuming static calculations unnecessary. This type test is available from PERI at any time.


Fast assembly
By simply fitting the components together with no pins and connectors


Quickly planned
Every working height is simple to plan without the need of combination tables


Quickly explained
Only 5 system components for any height


Technical Details


  • Standard sizes: 1.0 m x 1.0 m,
  • Height of stacking frame: 50 cm
  • Weight:
    • Base-head frame = 16.6 kg
    • Stacking frame = 6.8 kg
  • Load capacity: up to 53.5 kN per leg
  • Up to 22.29 m height type tested
  • For use in shoring assemblies, free-standing or restrained at the top

ST 100 Stacking Tower1 ST 100 Stacking Tower2 ST 100 Stacking Tower3 ST 100 Stacking Tower4 ST 100 Stacking Tower5 ST 100 Stacking Tower6

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