SePem 01 GSM


Highly-sensitive noise logger for the stationary monitoring of water supply networks and GSM module for data transmission


The SePem® 01 GSM logger is specially designed for installation in valves and fire hydrants with its compact shape. But not only hydrants can be used as stationary measuring points. Thanks to the compact height of the SePem® 01 GSM when fitted horizontally, it can also be installed in valves.

The logger records noise over a user-defined measurement time. The measurement results are either sent directly by text message to a PC or by text message as an email. The data can then be downloaded via an email gateway at the user’s office using the SePem® software. A touch of the button is all it takes – no more time-consuming patrols of measuring points.
The SePem software can be used to manage both the new SePem® 01 GSM loggers as well as the established SePem® 02 and SePem® 02 GSM models. It offers the user extensive functions for carrying out diverse measuring tasks professionally. All the main functions are easily accessible.
  • Leaks are detected very soon after they occur – saves costs by reducing the duration of leaks
  • No extra time involved in patrolling the measurement locations
  • Flexible programming of measurements and data transmission – can be optimally adapted to local conditions and different types of network
  • Minimal maintenance required for loggers




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