SeCorrPhon AC 06

 Combined correlator and electro-acoustic water leak detector
Electro-acoustic water leak detection or correlation? Each method has both strengths and limitations. Cleverly combining all the advantages maximises the certainty of determining the exact location of the leak.
 SEWERIN’s SeCorrPhon AC 06 makes use of both methods at the same time.

SeCorrPhon AC 06 as a correlator:

  • Can be switched to single channel radio if a transmitter fails
  • Coherence analysis with frequency recommendation for optimal filter setting – ensures clear illustration of the leak position
  • Radio reception over more than 2000 m per channel
  • Measuring assistant for everyday situations
  • High resolution graphic display
  • PC communication software for printing out and recording measurements
  • High performance transmission path (500 mW) with optimal selectivity
  • Operating time: approx. eight hours
   SeCorrPhon AC 06 as an electro-acoustic water leak detector:
  • Socket for direct microphone input
  • Excellent sound thanks to powerful digital signal processor
  • Listening with on-screen support: minimum sound level display, memory function
  • Hearing protection function
  • Infinitely variable filter setting
  • Automatic microphone recognition (ground microphones, test rod or handy microphone for buildings)
  • Port for PC communication

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