ROCAM® 4 – The Complete System for Sanitary Facilities


 ROCAM® 4 – The Complete System for Sanitary Facilities

 Product Features

 Technical Data
  • Detachable control unit with touch screen (26.4 cm/10.4 inch)
  • Folding monitor cover/light protection shielding and storage compartment for accessories
  • Ports: WiFi-module, Mini-USB, Micro-HDMI, SD-card slot
  • Power supply: Lithium-ion battery
 Application Advantages
  • Removable, user-friendly touch screen with intuitive menu navigation
  • Recording of photos and videos
  • Recording of single photos out of recorded videos
  • Data recording with the key board for precise definition of damage
  • Further editing of saved photos and videos possible – mark, highlight and name damages
  • Wireless data transmission of live-picture via WiFi-transmitter to mobile end devices possible
  • Additional data transmission via Micro-HDMI port, Mini-USB-port and SD-card possible
  • Integrated microphone and speaker enable audio commentary of the inspection
  • Changeable reel-concept for easy expansion of working range for pipes from Ø 40 – Ø 250 mm (curve flexibility 90° starting from Ø 40 mm with MINI-Module)
  • Precise determination of the camera head distance with the digital meter counter fade-in on display

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