Repairgrip repair couplerRepairgrip repair couplerRepairgrip repair coupler

The swaged repair coupler solution by Dextra

Repairgrip is an on-site splicing system consisting of a sleeve that is swaged onto the rebars by means of a mobile hydraulic press. t is an easy and quick solution for connection situations in which threading is not possible. It only requires sufficient space for the press to be placed.Repairgrip repair coupler

Product Features

The RepairGrip system is a portable system designed to splice bars in situ. It is a simple and proven method to splice bars that did not have their end shop-prepared.

The RepairGrip sleeve is swaged onto the bar ends by an hydraulic tool powered by a separate power unit. The resulting connection guarantees a tensile strength of at least 125% of the nominal yield strength of reinforcing bars grade 500 MPa.
RepairGrip splices are butt-to-butt splices that are suitable to both tension and compression applications.


  • For repair or retrofit works.
  • Fits any cold shear cut bar end.
  • No reduction of the cross section area of the bar.
  • All sleeves are individually marked allowing full traceability of material origin and manufacturing batch.
  • Manufactured under quality assurance ISO 9001.

Installation Instructions

  1. Site Preparation : cleaning and straightening of bars.
  2. Marking on the bars half the length of the RepairGrip sleeves.
  3. Put RG coupler into the gauge length for limit gripping area and then mark on RG coupler of both sides.
  4. Sample after marking show the position that we should not to do gripping out of
    marking area from the middle to outside.
  5. Prepare the hydraulic tool and place the proper grip dies. And prepare the hydraulic pump and connect power. Correct motor rotation by selector switch in case of 380/440V motor.
  6. Insert the RepairGrip sleeve half way onto the continuation bar, using the marking as guide.
  7. Start applying the required pressure on the RepairGrip sleeve.
  8. Stop the swaging at the specified pressure for the given bar diameter.
  9. Repeat this process as many times as required per model.
  10. Prepare as many continuation bars as needed.
  11. Place the continuation bars into the sleeves of the first bar.
  12. Repeat swaging process on the continuation bar.


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