Process pressure


Process pressure transmitters are used to measure pressure in pipes or vessels. OPTIBAR PC, PM and DP transmitters feature a modular concept that meets various requirements of modern process applications:

  • Intrisically safe and explosion proof
  • Optional display and adjustment module
  • 4…20 mA HART® 7 / HART® SIL 2/3, FOUNDATION TM fieldbus, PROFIBUS® PA
  • Plastic, 316L, 316L hygienic, Aluminum

Measuring cells:

  • Ceramic (OPTIBAR PC 5060)
  • Metallic (OPTIBAR PM 5060
  • DP (OPTIBAR DP 7060)

Capacitive ceramic measuring cells (99.9% Al2O3) with high long-term stability, vacuum and overload resistance are used for all common process applications. The robust ceramic diaphragm with integrated diaphragm breakage detection, covers about 80 % of all pressure applications up to +100 bar / +1450 psi gauge.

Metallic measuring cells (strain gauge or piezoresistive) with fully welded process connection are used for high pressures up to +1000 bar / +14504 psi gauge, aseptic processes, and in combination with OPTIBAR DS diaphragm seals for high temperature or corrosive applications.

Typical applications include:

  • Pump dry-run protection and compressor monitoring
  • Flue gas ventilation control
  • Monitoring processes from low pressure to absolute vacuum
  • Overload resistant level and overpressure measurement in batch tanks
  • Monitoring of supply pressure in pipelines

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