Non-Contact Level Meters


Frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar emits a high frequency signal which is reflected from the product surface and received back. These transmitters allow for the continuous, contactless level measurement of liquids, pastes, granulates, powders and other solids in a wide variety of industries:

  • Chemical & petrochemical: solvents, chlorine, resins, fertilizers (urea), liquefied gas, hydrocarbons, plastics, asphalt (bitumen), acids, bases
  • Energy: hydrocarbons, coal, fly ash, biogas, cooling water in power plants
  • Food & beverage: syrup, animal feed, juice, spirits, sugar, sodium carbonate, flour, cereals, coffee, chocolate, yeast
  • Iron, steel & metal: molten steel, iron-disulphide, ore, coke
  • Marine: cargo, ballasts
  • Minerals & mining: stone, gravel, sand, lime, cement, concrete, gypsum, calcium carbonate, clinker, coal
  • Oil & gas: hydrocarbons, liquefied gases, tank farms
  • Pharmaceutical: alcohol, high purity water, solvents, various raw materials
  • Pulp & paper: binding agents, wood chips, pulp moulding, titanium oxide
  • Water & wastewater: potable, sea and river water, sewage, biological waste

Typical applications include:

  • Reaction vessels
  • Silos, bunkers and stockpiles for solids
  • Leakage monitoring near pipelines/vessels
  • Storage and production of toxic or corrosive liquids
  • Storage of liquefied gases in high pressure/low temperature spheres
  • Hygienic process applications
  • Flow measurement in open channels with pre-shaped flumes and weirs


  • Distance, level, volume and mass measurement
  • Not affected by fixed or moving nserts/agitators
  • Large choice of antennas, eg. PP of PTFE Wave Horn antennas for corrosive mediums
  • Drop antenne made of plain PP or PTFE: its ellipsoidal shape and non adhesive surface prevents from product desosits in dusty or humid atmospheres
  • Suitable for high and low process pressure/temperature applications
  • Modular design from mechanics to converter
  • Metaglas® dual process sealing system or dangerous products

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