NEUTRAL CLEANER – Dung dịch vệ sinh hàng ngày


Characteristics: neutral cleaners for maintenance marble, granite, ceramic tiles and wood flooring. Been studied to clean most surfaces without damaging the surface with a pleasant aroma. After using this product you do not need it with water or sanitary wipe.

To use: Dilute 10-50 grams in 10 liters of water (1 cap equivalent to 10 grams). Use a clean cotton cloth to wipe the surface. Norm: 700-1000 m2 / liter Note: Mix the dose, do not wipe. In case you overdose content specified amount, wipe excess with clean water. Composition: Anionic and non ionic surface active 5-15%, colorings, flavoring <5%, 90% antibacterial

Applications: used for all types of surfaces.

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