Level switches



Vibration switches indicate the presence of liquid or solids when the medium comes in contact with their vibrating forks and dampens their oscillation.

Typical applications include:

  • Applications with heavy dust build-up and mechanical stresses
  • Light bulk goods
  • Pump dry-run protection
  • Limit and overfill detection
  • Liquid detection in pipes
  • Detecting solids in water


  • Unaffected by process conditions
  • Rugged oscillating fork, high abrasion resistance
  • Reproducible switching point without adjustment
  • Continuous self-monitoring of correct oscillating frequency, corrosion and cable breakage to the piezo drive
  • Hygienic design with polished surface
  • Recurring test acc. to WHG via test button (with SU 501)
  • Functional safety: up to SIL2 in a single channel architecture and up to SIL3 in a multiple channel, redundant architecture



In liquid applications, conductive level switches indicate the change of resistance as soon as their electrodes are covered with medium.

Typical applications include:

  • Hygienic applications in the food & beverage and the pharmaceutical industry, e.g. level detection or dry-run protection


  • Different hygienic process connections for a hygienic, dead zone-free installation
  • The sensitivity of the probe can be switched over via control cable for changing mediums with widely differing conductivity
  • Stainless steel or coated probe rods available; not sensitive to foam and adhesions
  • Compact or remote version
  • Stub, rod or multi-rod electrodes
  • Probes can be shortened as needed



An electromagnetic switch uses the phase shift that electromagnetic waves experience when emitted to a medium. It is suitable for level detection for liquids and pastes or as a dry-run protection. It can also detect liquid/liquid interfaces or identify the presence of a specific medium.

Applications in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical industries:

  • Small tanks and hygienic applications
  • Tough, pasty or strongly adhesive media


  • Measurement independent of media properties
  • Not sensitive to adhesives and foam, condensate or build-up of deposits
  • Hygienic installation by means of a hygienic process weld sleeve, nearly flush with the front
  • Dry-run protection beyond a nominal width of DN 15
  • Not affected by vibration

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