HIDRO SST – Chất chống thấm gốc nước


SST HIDRO is water based waterproof protection for polished marble, granite and natural stone surfaces / artificial. Its ecological construction guarantees surface protection to the effects of water, dirt and oil-based substances / grease, without changing the natural structure of the stone material.

Highly recommended for areas frequently exposed to water and food as the dining hall area, dressing table and kitchen counter or as a pretreatment on the surface so to avoid grout haze problem , salt and stains on the surface as a whole. Compatible on wet surfaces or moisture, thus saving time in the application process.

No skinning
Waterproof high
No change color stone

Use of foreign and interior marble, granite and other natural stones.

Is easy to use, can be diluted. Apply the product in a uniform manner to clean surface.
Uniformly applied by brush or spray. After 5-10 minutes, remove any excess residue with a clean cloth or cushion and allow the surface to dry for 6 hours. Continued use of the surface normal is processed after the surface is completely dry.
The industrial inline application: Apply the product in the production line by dipping or spraying. On the compact non-porous material lieunho, applications can be made by roller or sponge.
Pretreatment: before repairing or set of documents, apply the product by spray, brush or dipping. Remove excess product with a cloth and allow the surface to dry. After 24 hours of normal construction.

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