GRV Articulated Waler Circular Formwork


grv-articulated-waler-circular-formworkWith the GRV Articulated waler Circular Formwork, the external ring tension force as well as the internal compression force are transfered by the closed ring of walers. Consequently, the system allows circular structures to be realized without tie points. This results in substantial savings, for example, the construction of containers whereby the alternative would be the use of watertight anchor points.


Forming without ties
due to the closed ring of walers


Continuously adjustable
for all internal radii greater than 0.90 m


Versatile in use
for containers or a wide range of arched bridges


grv-articulated-waler-circular-formwork (2)grv-articulated-waler-circular-formwork (1)grv-articulated-waler-circular-formwork (3)

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