Groutec is a mechanical splice specially designed to connect pre-cast concrete elements with each other or with structures made in-situ, both horizontally and vertically. At the pre-cast factory, Groutec is connected on one end to a threaded rebar. For this connection, the Bartec, Rolltec and Griptec systems can be used. The coupler is then casted in concrete. The continuation bar is then inserted into the sleeve which is then filled with nonshrink grout to complete the connection. The same coupler can be used as standard splice to connect bars of identical diameters and as transition splice to connect different bar sizes. Groutec is designed and manufactured in compliance with Eurocode 2, BS 8110, ACI 318, IBC and AASHTO.Precast rebar coupler to connect concrete elements

Precast rebar coupler to connect concrete elements

Groutec, the grout sleeve for the concrete precast industry

Product features

Groutec is a mechanical splicing system featuring both a threaded end and a grouting sleeve. It is especially designed for the connection of precast concrete elements. Groutec is designed and manufactured in compliance with Eurocode 2, BS 8110, ACI 318, IBC, AASHTO.

How does it work?

Groutec connects precast concrete elements in two steps:

  • At the precast factory, the Groutec couplers are screwed onto the reinforcement and positionned against the formwork. Reinforcement is then cast in concrete.
  • On site, precast elements are connected by inserting protruding bars from the first element into the Groutec sleeves of the second element. The connection is completed by using non-shrink grouting mortar, injected through the injection holes, or directly poured into the cavity by gravity.


Groutec allows to simply connect two concrete precast elements. It is not required to proceed with in situ wet concrete joint anymore.
Thanks to their threaded end, Groutec precast couplers are an economical and relatively compact solution, solving possible congestion issues.
Groutec threaded end is compatible with Dextra other splicing systems, accomodating bars prepared for Rolltec, Bartec, Fortec and Griptec systems.
Groutec’s cavity end can be filled with the main non-shrink grouting mortars available from major manufacturers. In particular, Groutec has been successfully tested with Sika214 from SIKA Co, Lanko 701 from PAREX-DAVCO Co or Conbextra GP from FOSROC Co.
That is made possible thanks to Groutec engineered shape that will that ensures a perfect bound with the surrounding materials.
Thanks to its wide cavity, Groutec also makes possible the connection of continuation bars that are not perfectly aligned.
It also possible for Groutec to connect bars of different diameters (transition splicing).

Coupler dimensions (mm)

Grout sleeve dimensions
Groutec dimensions


Groutec precast couplers can be used to connect elements horizontally or vertically (by gravity or injection).

We recommend it to connect easily all your precast column and wall precast elements.

Coupler for precast concrete, can be used horizontally or vertically

Pre-cast coupler

Pre-cast assembly with Groutec

Groutec precast positionner


Along with Groutec sleeves, Dextra also supplies a full range of precast accessories. Our range includes in particular magnetic or screw-type formwork positionners.

Documentation and availability

Please refer to our main Groutec coupler catalogue for more information about available diameters and accessories (precast positionners, pipes, etc.).

Pre-cast coupler brochure

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