Griptec Mechanical SplicingGriptec is the most accomplished mechanical splice on the market: Its patented production process includes a systematic, non-destructive tensile test that performs a 100% check on the bar end. Moreover, the machine automatically adjusts its processing parameters when the bar size is changed which not only greatly improves the productivity, but also reduces the risk of mistakes.

Product Features

Griptec is a full performance (tension, compression, cyclic, fatigue) mechanical splice designed for the connection of concrete reinforcing bars Ø12 to 50 mm.
Designed and manufactured in compliance with Eurocode 2, BS 8110, DIN 1045, ACI 318, IBC, AASHTO, ASME Sec III Div 2.
No room for error! : Systematic QC of each and every bar end produced! A non-destructive tensile load test of the coupler-bar attachment is an integral part of the Griptec bar end preparation process.


Griptec makes your design saferGriptec Rebar Coupler

  • Each and every connection is proof-tested by pull test during the extrusion cycle.
  • No reduction of the nominal cross section area of the bar.
  • Standard parallel thread are used, thus avoiding torque wrenching.
  • Visual-only inspection of joints is sufficient.
  • Cross threading of parallel threads is imposiible.
  • Good fatigue performance thanks to rolled threads.
  • Manufactured under strict quality assurance plan ISO 9001 and ASME. Third party tested.
  • All sleeves are individually marked allowing full traceability of material origin and manufacturing batch.
  • Compact design with small outer diameter.

Griptec is easy to produceGriptec rebar preparation machine

  • High productivity : 30 to 45 seconds per bar end.
  • One man operation, fully computerized process.
  • Low operational cost.
  • Very quick reconfiguration when changing from one bar size to another.
  • Pre-programmed setting of extrusion equipment and proof-testing parameters for each bar size.
  • Fits any reasonable shear cut.
  • No dirty lubricant and machining chips.
  • Griptec self-contained extrusion machines are CE-marked as per the European Directive on the safety of machinery and are compliant with OSHA regulations.


Rebar coupler for the nuclear industry in Europe

Splicing Methods

Standard splice

Standard Griptec splices are accomplished by use of a standard female coupler and a standard male coupler of the matching size.

Position splice

When both bars would be a burden to rotate, the Griptec Position splice system is a set composed of several free rotating elements that connects with standard male and female sleeves. This set is constituted of a threaded stud, a position nut and a locknut. The set is screwed inside the female sleeve, and then the nut is screwed back into the male sleeve to accomplish the connection.

Bridging splice
When the bars cannot be brought butt to butt (as it may happen in cages manufacturing), Griptec Bridging splices are the answer. This is a variant of the position splice that uses a longer stud and a long bridging coupler, allowing to cope with misalignment gaps up to one diameter.

Transition splice

When there is a need to splice bars of different sizes, the Griptec system uses standard female couplers, simply joining them with a special two-stepped threaded stud. This conveniently avoids the difficult task of planning in advance the location of transitions.

Mechanical anchorages

An efficient alternative to hooked bars to provide end anchorages in congested areas. Standard Griptec mechanical anchorages are circular in shape and have a net bearing area of 9 times the cross-section of the bar, but can also be made to order in other shapes or dimensions to fit the application requirement.

Weldable couplers

For composite construction where concrete reinforcement bars must be welded to structural steel, Griptec weldable couplers, specially made from low carbon steel, are available.

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