GRIDFLEX Grid Element Slab Formwork


gridflex-grid-element-slab-formworkGRIDFLEX is used for constructing residential and multi-storey buildings. The standard element weighs only 20 kg, and is pushed upwards into position by means of the Shuttering Aid GF with site personnel safely positioned on the slab below. Slab props are subsequently hooked in and vertically aligned. On the now accessible girder grid, the formlining of choice can be installed. The recurring systematic assembly sequence ensures fast forming operations.


Safe shuttering procedure
by swivelling the elements upwards with site personnel positioned on the slab below


Simple working operations
with one standard and two compensation elements as well as the GRIDFLEX Prop Head


Filler areas are quickly closed
through a simple change of direction of the elements along with the use of transverse and longitudinal infills

gridflex-grid-element-slab-formwork (1) gridflex-grid-element-slab-formwork (2)

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