Gira E22



As an alternative to conventional flush-mounted installation, the Gira E22 switch range offers the option of an installation procedure which results in a frame which is just 3 mm thick when installed on the wall. Gira E22 is available in the three materials stainless steel, aluminium and thermoplastic [pure white glossy].

This enables equipping in a uniform design while at the same time differentiating according to value, e.g. with a stainless steel version in the representative area and thermoplastic in the basic rooms.

Range depth

With its large range depth, the Gira E22 meets the special needs of intelligent building technology. The switch range includes over 280 functions for all mounting types. Most of these functions can be installed flush with the frame in all three materials [1]. However, some exceptions cannot be installed flush with the frame due to their design [2]. These include e.g. the hygrostat, radio room temperature sensor, Info Display, or the surface-mounted home station from the Gira door communication system.


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