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Spectroscopic analysis systems use illuminants to emit light of different wavelength into a medium. By using up to four optical principles the reflected light will be measured and processed to provide information about the medium composition. OPTIQUAD spectroscopic analysis systems can be installed directly in the process without the need for a bypass. Depending on the application, OPTIQUAD uses up to four optical principles of spectroscopic analysis: transmission, scattering, fluorescence and refraction of light. It allows for:

  • Continuous, non-contact measurement of protein, fat and lactose content in milk products
  • Continuous, non-contact measurement of free fatty acids (FFA) content in deep fried oils in frying production
  • Continuous measurement of chemical oxygen demand (COD) in the wastewater flow of dairies or cheese factories

Typical applications include:

  • Setting a constant ratio of fat to protein. This results in a constant quantity of cheese per cheese producer, avoiding out of specification fillings of the press forms.
  • Standardise fat content in drinking milk production
  • Measurement and setting of the fat and protein content in the production of UHT milk and evaporated milk
  • WPC production: control of the dosage of lactose water to standardize the
  • WPC with respect to total solids (TS) to protein ratio
  • Limit value monitoring after the production of non-fat whey in the feed of a reverse osmosis (RO) system to avoid membrane damage due to too high fat concentration
  • Raw milk reception quality monitoring, protein segregation and incoming crude material survey
  • Monitor FFA value and control maximum FFA value


  • Direct inline process measurement, no bypass
  • Continuous measurement for precise process control
  • Significantly reduces the need for sampling, sample transport and preparation
  • No operating costs for chemicals, reagents and cleaning agents
  • Up to four optical principles and up to twelve wavelengths: excellent measuring performance, even with mediums with a wide variety of composition
  • No moving parts: reduced maintenance
  • Operating unit in IP65 housing with touch screen for simple, hygienic operation
  • High quality stainless steel design
  • High precision and long-term stability
  • Cleaning with standard process cleaning treatment, e.g. CIP/SIP or compressed air (in COD applications)
  • Standard VARINLINE® measuring section
  • Optional water cooling for high ambient or process temperatures
  • Integrated sampling valve for (re-) calibration on site without interrupting the process

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