Electromagnetic flowmeters


The measurement principle of electromagnetic flow- meters (EMF) is based on Faraday’s law of induction. EMF can measure the volume flow of any electrically conductive liquid medium, even those with low conductivities.


Typical applications include:

  • Water industry: revenue metering, district meter- ing, water abstraction, leakage detection
  • Wastewater industry: transport networks, sewage treatment plants, sludges
  • Food & beverage industry: mixing, dosing and filling of drinks under hygienic conditions, filling systems applications
  • Chemical industry: acids, alkalis, dosing applications, abrasive or corrosive mediums
  • Pulp & paper industry: pulp, pastes, sludges and other caustic mediums, liquor, additives, bleaches, colourants
  • Metal & mining industry: mediums with a high solid content, like ore or excavator mud



  • Minimal or no inlets/outlets
  • All KROHNE EMF are wet-calibrated in a direct comparison of volumes
  • Large choice of liner materials suitable for potable water, waste- water, chemicals, SIP/CIP and solids
  • Suitable for use in custody transfer applications
  • Measurement is independent of the flow profile
  • Abrasion and corrosion-resistant liners available
  • Ceramic measuring tubes and liners available for flange and sandwich versions, also with non-wetted electrodes (capacitive flowmeter)
  • Specific models for partially filled pipes
  • Virtual reference option: grounding electrodes and grounding rings can be left out
  • Electric conductivity of medium can be used for detection of product change
  • For high bubble content, high solids content and pulsating flow
  • Secure handling of rapid medium changes and pH jumps
  • Zero-point stability regardless of changes in medium properties
  • Nominal sizes DN 2.5 to 3,000
  • 3×100% diagnostics (application and device diagnostic, out-of-spec test) exceeds NAMUR requirements




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