Electromagnetic flowmeters – WATERFLUX 3070 Water meter



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Battery powered electromagnetic water meter

  • Battery driven with very low power consumption for remote locations
  • Easy installation without straight inlet or outlet lengths
  • IP 68 rated signal converter for submersion in flooded chambers

The IFC 070 is a battery powered electromagnetic signal converter designed for use in combination with the WATERFLUX 3000 sensor. It is ideal for remote locations in the water industry where no power connection is available and provides certainty in case of power failure.

The strengths of the WATERFLUX 3070 lies in its unique flow sensor construction with a rectangular and reduced cross section and its efficient coil construction.

The coils provide a stronger and more homogenous magnetic field, leading to an improved signal to noise ratio. The measurement is therefore independent of the flow profile and measurements are very stable. This results in a very good low flow performance.

Because of the unique WATERFLUX flow sensor design, whereby the mean flow velocity and flow profile are optimised within the rectangular and reduced cross section, the additional uncertainty for upstream disturbances is drastically reduced. The water meter can be installed directly after an elbow or reducer in the pipe without straight inlet or outlet lengths. A substantial reduction of inlet and outlet sections means smaller measurement pits.

Another major benefit of the rectangular sensor construction is the very low power consumption of the signal converter. It has a long battery lifetime of up to 15 years with two internal batteries and 20 years with an external battery pack.


  • Stand alone water meter with battery lifetime up to 15 years
  • Unique rectangular sensor construction results in good low flow performance, a large ratio and very low power consumption
  • Large measuring range. High accuracy at peak flows during the day and at low flows during the night
  • Certified to OIML R49 class 1 & 2 and MID Annex MI-001
    Optional verification to MID Annex MI-001 for water meters (Module B and D)
  • No inlet or outlet sections required when installed e.g. after an elbow or reducer (MID / OIML R49 certified)
  • Installation in any position
  • Bi-directional flow measurements
  • Submersible in flooded measurement chambers (IP 68 / NEMA 6P)
  • Special coating for subsurface installation. No need for measurement chambers
  • Rilsan® polymer coating with wide range of drinking water approvals
    Reference electrode. No grounding rings needed
  • Long term reliability and maintenance free. No moving parts, no wear and no obstruction in the flow
  • Optional KGA 42 external datalogger and GSM module for remote data transfer


  • Water abstraction
  • Distribution networks
  • District metering
  • Revenue metering
  • Irrigation
  • Dewatering


  • Measurement of potable water
  • Measurement of raw water and irrigation water
  • Checking of pumps and water wells
  • Monitoring of distribution networks
  • Pipeline leak detection
  • Water consumption and billing

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