DECERA/P Concentrated, Alkaline Based Detergent


Characteristics: A chemical used alkaline cleaning to remove the wax layer on the long natural stone and artificial – Synthetic. With quick and effective immediately, the recommended floor preparation before waterproofing or coating. Decera / p is also used to remove the cement stains on light-sensitive material with acid agent.

To use:

Mixed with water at the ratio of 1 / 1-1 / 4 (ratio depends on the material and stains). For ceramic, the stage finishing polished, sensitive materials, use low chemical concentrations. For cotto or processes can not end with a higher concentration. Use pad to scrub stains (depending on stains but using appropriate pad) or scrubber to obtain better results. After the scrub, use a vacuum cleaner or dirt on the surface of sanitary follow the manual method. Rinse with water until completely clean surface.


Cotto, brick, marble, slate, granite, limestone, marble, ceramics …

Norm: 10-15m2 / lit.

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