COTTOSOLV – Concentrated Alkaline Based Stripper


Cottosolv the alkaline cleaner, remove grease, oxidation stains, mildew on the surface of cotto.


– Strengthening the resilience of the surface density commuter lot.
– Helps easy surface maintenance


Cotto, brick, stone marbles, slate, granite, marble, limestone, ceramics


Chemical maker in proportion ¼-1/1 with water (depending on the material and type of contaminants). Pour the solution onto the surface to be cleaned, using white pad and brushes (scrub with a pad of time depends on the type of material and dirt and should be handled accordingly) or use the floor polisher to achieve largest clean. After cleaning a few minutes, sucking excess chemicals in a vacuum or in the normal way.

Rinse with clean water can until the dirt is cleaned completely.

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