Contact Level Meters


TDR radar (Time Domain Reflectometry) emits electromagnetic pulses which are transmitted along a rigid or flexible conductor before being reflected from the product surface and received. It allows for continuous level measurement of liquids, pastes, granulates, powders and liquid interface in industries which include:

  • Chemical & petrochemical: fertilizers (ammonia), solvents, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, liquefied gases, plastics, bitumen emulsion
  • Energy: hydrocarbons, coal powder, fly ash
  • Food & beverage: animal feed, recycled cooking oil, coffee peel
  • Iron, steel & metal: ore, cooling water, hydraulic oil
  • Marine: cargo, ballasts
  • Minerals & mining: mineral powders (cement, coal, alumina, talc, salt), sand, perlite
  • Oil & gas: water/hydrocarbon interface, liquefied gases
  • Pharmaceutical: solvents, alcohol and intermediate products
  • Pulp & paper: binding agents, wood chips, saw dust
  • Water & wastewater: potable, sea and river water

Typical applications include:

  • Crude oil distillation in extraction vessels
  • Storage of liquefied gases in high pressure/low temperature spheres
  • Storage of raw materials and intermediates in bulk solid containers
  • Separation of liquids
  • Rag layer detection in impounding basins
  • Condensation vessels for liquids and gases
  • Storage of raw and finished products in tank farms of refineries
  • Rock crushers, hoppers
  • Water towers, basins and reservoirs
  • Tide level, flood warning


  • Distance, level, volume, mass and/or interface measurement
  • Not affected by process conditions: dust, foam, vapour, agitated or boiling surfaces, changes in pressure, temperature and density
  • Suitable for high and low process temperature/pressure applications
  • Converter can be rotated and removed under process conditions
  • Metaglas® dual process sealing system for dangerous products
  • Modular design from mechanics to converter

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