Aquatherm Red Pipe


Red pipe 1

ADVANTEGS  Red pipe 3
– certified and quality inspected
– connection by fusion welding
– resistant against corrosion and chemicals
– no accumulation of corrosion products
– low pipe roughness factor and high abrasion resistance
– heat and sound-insulating characteristics
– high impact strength
– leak-proof connection of pipe and fitting by fusion technique
– not easily flammable acc. to DIN 4102-1, building material class B1
– low weight compared to metal pipes
– short processing time
– no gaskets – sealing elements are not required
– 3-layer pipe with fibre glass reinforced inner layer
– concealed fire protection
– reduction of structural works costs by laying in concrete
– weld-in saddle
PROCESSING  Red pipe 4
Fusion technique
aquatherm red pipe offers an extensive range of pipes and fittings for the
installation of fire sprinkler systems.
The system is based on a fibre reinforced polypropylene pipe (faser compo
site pipe) produced in a multi-layer extrusion process.
The material fusiolen® PP-R FS, used for the pipe production, is a plastic
whose properties are designed for the special demands of the fields of appli
cation. Both, the installer´s request for easier processing and the demand for
maximum safety in later application was regarded during the development.
By the fusion of pipe and fitting the plastic melts to a homogeneous ma
terial unit.
Pipe and fitting are heated quickly with specially provided welding tools
and joined together – finished!
Double material thickness at the joint – giving double safety at the other
wise critical point of a pipe system.
A permanent leakproof connection is created with the aquatherm fusion
 Red pipe 5

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