Aquatherm Orange System


Orange pipe 1


The operation of a floor heating system is determined by the quality of the heating pipe used.
Typical for the aquatherm orange system-floor heating pipes are the following features:
› excellent creep strength also at higher temperatures
› smooth inner pipe surface
› low friction loss
› high heat-stabilized
› corrosion resistance
› outstanding resistance against chemicals
› high flexibility
› high impact rate
› less sound of flow
› oxygen-tight due to EVOH-coating acc. to DIN EN 1264
 Orange pipe 3
Aquatherm orange system-heating pipes can be laid without preliminary tempering cold from the roll. For practical reasons, the heating pipes should generally be laid with the aquatherm orange system-pipe hasp.
Connection technique
Only those pipe joints indicated by the manufacturer should be used for the respective type of pipe.
The aquathermorange system-connectors and screw connections for mani folds conform to DIN 8076 Part 1, requested in DIN EN 1264.
 Orange pipe 4
Linear expansion
Aquatherm orange system-floor heating pipes for wet construction systems are embedded directly into the heating screed.
A change in length resulting from a temperature difference prevented by embedding into the heating screed. The material absorbs tensions so that
they are not critical.


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