Aquatherm grey pipe

Aquatherm grey pipe- connection pipe
The aquatherm grey pipe system offers three types of
connection pipes:
•  Aquatherm grey pipe-PB connection pipe (grey) in coils Ø 16 – 25 mm, produced from the high-flexible material polybutene (PB)
•  Aquatherm grey pipe-multi layer metal composite pipe (white) in coils Ø 16 – 20 mm and in 4 m length Ø 16 – 40 mm made of PE-X for various applications
•  Aquatherm grey pipe PE-RT underfloor heating and radiator connection pipe (green/grey) in coils 16-20 mm, oxygen-tight acc. to DIN4726
 Grey pipe 1
Aquatherm grey pipe – the allrounder!
The aquatherm grey pipe-system is applicable in the field of:
•  potable water installations
•  heating installations
•  underfloor heating installation
 Grey pipe 3
The aquatherm grey pipe-PB pipe is particularly bendable, thus easy and flexible to install.
The crucial advantage of the aquatherm grey pipe-system is that it can be processed completely (!) in the house installation.
Surplus pipes which result after an installation, e.g. an
underfloor heating, must no more disposed, but can be processed without problems also for radiator connection or potable water application.
This does not only save the plumber´s time and money, but also works with a system, which considers optimally the modern requirements of an environmentally conscious, ecologically thinking final consumer.
 Grey pipe 4
PIPE MATERIAL  Grey pipe 5
Advantages of the aquatherm grey pipe-connection pipe
The advantages of the aquatherm grey pipe-connection pipes in the field of floor connection are:
•  Oxygen barrier due to EVOH-coating
•  Hygienically neutral
•  Microbiologically impeccable
•  Corrosion resistant
•  Very flexible
•  Low friction loss
Aquatherm grey pipe-PB potable water and radiator connection pipes made from PB (polybutene) features by their high creep behaviour, which means, temperature and pressure resistance.
The high heat resistance makes polybutene the ideal pipe material for hot water and heating installations. In the field of small dimensioned connection pipes, polybutene is convincing by its high flexibility.

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