Aquatherm Green Pipe




Green pipe 1

The pipe launched under this new name in several international markets three years ago and quickly came to be recognized for the highest quality and environmental responsibility. Its environmental benefits as well as the world-famous and often copied colour of the pipe system are the basis for the new name.
The pipe system has proved its excellent technical suitability in worldwide applications for more than 30 years and is highly recognized by experts as one of the most extensive and at the same time best plastic pipe systems.  Green pipe â
The system includes the different types of pipes SDR 6, SDR 7,4, SDR 9 and SDR 11. They are complemented by especially reinforced products: faser composite pipe SDR 7,4, aquatherm green pipe SDR 9 and stabi composite pipe SDR 7,4. More than 450 joining and connection elements as well as valves and ball valves complete the system. The products are available from 16 mm to 450 mm external diameter.
The aquatherm green pipe system is applied in all fields of
• New installation
• Repair and
• Renovation.
 Green pipe 3
Potable water pipe networksfor cold and hot water installations e.g. in residential buildings,
hospitals, hotels, office and school buildings, shipbuilding, sports facilities etc.House connection
Boiler connection
Water distribution
High rise (conventional or specially connected)
Water point connection
• Heating pipes for residential houses
Heat generator connections
Heating manifolds
High rise
Manifold connections
Radiator connections
 Green pipe 4
• Pipe networks in agriculture and horticulture
• Pipe networks for geothermal recovery
• Pipe networks for industry,
e.g. for the transport of aggressive fluids (acids, leys, etc.) considering the chemical resistance

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