Aquatherm Black System


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An individual´s physical well being directly depends on the basic environmental conditions of the surroundings. Working efficiency varies according to temperature with every cooling degree.Incorrect controlled room temperature, noise interference or draught are responsible for inefficient room conditions and therefore unsatisfactory performances. In offices, commercial premises, meeting rooms, etc., aquatherm pipe grids have become increasingly more popular for heating and cooling of ceilings and walls.
› No draughts
› Noiseless
› Dust reduction
› Simple control technique
› Thermal properties of the building are enhanced
› System extendable
› Quick installation thanks to high degree of prefabrication
› Even temperature distribution
› Safe connection techniques by thermal fusion/Pushfit
connection for ceiling elements
› Oxygen barrier
› Minimal construction thickness
› Greater architectural design freedom
› Energy saving
› Suitable as plaster base for ceiling suspension
aquatherm-pipe grids are exclusively made from fusiolen® PP-R. Its extreme temperature stability is a major property of the product. The physical properties specially match the requirements of the heating and cooling sector.The exceptionally good welding properties and the fusion, in an homogeneous unit, offer a maximum in security and durability. fusiolen® PP-R also offers high temperature and compressive strength.A permanent operating temperature of 70 °C is no problem. Normally the aquatherm black system operates at substantially lower temperatures than conventional heating systems.

Hence, the actual material stressing is much lower. Furthermore fusiolen® offers an excellent resistance against various aggressive chemicals.

In conjunction with the aquatherm blue pipe system (also made from fusiolen® PP-R for climate, heating and industrial technology), aquatherm offers a complete solution from the heating and cooling source.

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