AN 130 MID Flow Sensor

 an-130-mid-water-meter AN 130 Flow Sensor is a multi-jet, dry-dial, vane-impeller hot water meter. It can be installed in central heating and cooling systems and remote warning systems. With its built-in pulse sender, it is approved for heating meters according to the European measuring instruments directive (MID) 2004/22/EG.
Versions for horizontal, rising and falling flow directions with screwings (PN 16) or flanges (horizontal flow, PN 25) are available.

Benefits to you

Ideally applicable for 6/12 °C chilling systems due to the high temperature range of the flow sensor from 5 to 130 °C
Can be used with water glycol mixtures due to mechanical measuring principle


  • Fully dry-dial meter with no gear reduction in the wet chamber
  • Wear-resistant tungsten carbide/sapphire bearing
  • Magnetic coupling protected against magnetite
  • Pulse sender safe from interference
  • Easy-to-repair construction with external regulation



  • Pattern approval: DE-12-MI004-PTB002
  • Approval in class 2 according to EN 1434, measuring range (minimum to nominal flow) of 1 : 100

For more information about this product, please download the data sheet.

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