420PC Water Meter

 420pc-mid-water-meter The 420PC is a semi-dry (or protected) dial multijet water meter that can be equipped with HRI systems. It provides a pulse weight from 1 liter. The dial is housed in a case filled with lubricant to protect it from the impurities in the network, so it is not affected by fogging and can be read perfectly in any conditions.
Through its standard retrofittable HRI interface, the 420PC can be used everywhere a reliable and versatile Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system is required.
You can depend on the 420PC for reliability and resistance to difficult network conditions and for its quiet operation.

Benefits to you

Offers great resistance to corrosion, water hammer, pressure and heat
Is protected against tampering
Provides excellent legibility on all networks


  • Can be equipped with an HRI sensor
  • Suited to extended periods of immersion



  • Available from DN 15 to DN 40
  • MAP 16
  • Compliant with OIML R49, ISO 4064/1-1977 and PN-ISO 14154
  • Approved for horizontal position acc. to MID SK 08-MI001-SMU/003

For more information about this product, please download the data sheet.

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