405S Water Meter

405s-eec-water-meter-product The 405S EEC is a dry dial, multijet water meter with a protected magnetic transmission between the measuring element and the register. It is a PN 16 meter suited for hard network conditions.
You can depend on this meter for resistance to bad water quality and for noiseless operation.

Benefits to you

  • Offers great resistance to particles in the network
  • Provides optimum readability under all use conditions
  • Supports remote reading through optional module


  • Class B horizontal
  • Magnetic transmission
  • Can be equipped with an HRI sensor
  • Copper-glass register as an option




  • Available from DN 15 to DN 40
  • PN 16
  • Compliant with EEC Directive 75/33 and 71/316
  • Metrological class B horizontal
  • Maximum water temperature 30 °C

For more information about this product, please download the data sheet.

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