Untitled-3 The 220C meter has been specially designed for operators anxious to improve the reliability and meter efficiency of their networks. The 220C piston meter benefits from Sensus’ long experience in the manufacture of high-performance meters.
The 220C design meets particularly the requirements of markets with high expectations. Theft of the meter is discouraged by its design without a brass body. Its tamperproof design assures at any time the correct reading of the actual water consumption and its super strong composite body makes its installation safe, even in a tropical environment.
The dial is housed in a case filled with lubricant which means it is protected from any impurities in the network. It can be read perfectly under all conditions and is not affected by fogging or the build up of algae
Through its dual AMR pre-equipment, with both Reed and HRI interfaces, the 220C can be used in any network where a reliable and cost effective AMR system is required. Both AMR solutions are retrofittable and can be added at any time after the meter has been installed.

Main Features

DN15, PN16
Ultra light and easy to handle
Accuracy better than class C requirements
Conforms to the latest OIML standard
Pre-equipped as standard for both Reed and HRI AMR
Tamperproof design
Designed for tropical installation conditions
Extreme resistance to water hammer

Options Available

HRI electronic sensor (Data Unit, Pulse Unit, Sensus((S))cout)
Reed switch
Non-return valve

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