Water is the lifeline, is an invaluable resource, plays a very important role in life, have a huge impact on the natural environment. So the water supply to ensure clean life and eliminate all sources of harm to human health. Lotus Greentech company is now a leading company in providing solutions to the most advanced technologies in process filtration and water treatment. Our company is representative distributor for the world’s leading corporations as BWT and Krohne.

Introduced in 2013, SMARTPAT is the first family of analytical sensors that no longer require transmitters: KROHNE miniaturised the transmitter and fitted it into the sensor head. SMARTPAT sensors [...]
In many industrial processes, reliable water treatment is essential for product quality and improving system safety and efficiency. Water circulation systems becoming contaminated can cause enormous [...]
Measurement and control systems designed to the highest standards make it possible to run sewage treatment plants efficiently and keep costs down. In all areas of industrial or community wastewater [...]

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