DOMINO is the lightweight, craneable panel formwork with compact dimensions. The system is particularly suitable for residential and civil engineering projects as well as construction in existing [...]


DUO can be used for foundations, walls and columns as well as for slabs and beams. The system is characterized by the extremely simple handling and the minimum number of different system components. [...]
With the GRV Articulated waler Circular Formwork, the external ring tension force as well as the internal compression force are transfered by the closed ring of walers. Consequently, the system [...]
LIWA deliberately dispensed with more elaborate equipment features in favour of lower investment costs. The system has very few different frame elements as every standard panel is also a [...]
Developed by PERI, the MX tie technology with one-sided tie installation greatly accelerates formworking operations. At the same time, MAXIMO is significantly faster than conventional panel formwork [...]
RUNDFLEX functions with pre-assembled standard panels which can be quickly adjusted to match all required radii. Particularly effective in structures with continuously changing radii, such as sewage [...]
With its adjustable standard panels, RUNDFLEX Plus avoids cost-intensive reassembly or special formwork modifications. The result, even for large radii: perfectly formed curvatures without any [...]
SB brace frames transfer the fresh concrete pressure into the sub-structure and foundations during single-sided concreting of components. This is a big advantage when using both vertical formwork as [...]
TRIO is the universal formwork system for all applications where the main focus is on reducing the shuttering times with conventional DW tie technology. With the BFD coupler for virtually all [...]


   With the PERI UNO formwork system, walls, columns, slabs, beams and stairways are realised using the monolithic construction method. The system offers a construction-compliant and fast solution [...]

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