GRIDFLEX is used for constructing residential and multi-storey buildings. The standard element weighs only 20 kg, and is pushed upwards into position by means of the Shuttering Aid GF with site [...]
The main components of the MULTIFLEX are the VT 20K or GT 24 Formwork Girders. As the main and cross beams, their position and spacing as well as the formlining can be freely selected, MULTIFLEX [...]
SKYDECK means easy, effortless and thus fast, safe shuttering with a systematic assembly sequence. The clever design with drophead allows for early striking and reduces on-site material requirements. [...]
SKYTABLE helps to work with large areas. Up to 150 m² can be safely moved in one step with only 2 trusses – workers do not have to stand on the table during the whole moving [...]
TABLE MODULES have been designed particularly for small numbers of applications. They are completely pre-assembled and arrive at the jobsite ready for use. Four standard sizes are available, the [...]
VARIODECK is particularly fast when moving large forming areas with one crane lift and it can be used for slab thicknesses up to 50 cm, with only 4 props for a table size of roughly 16 m². If [...]

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