In-depth Water-repellents, Stain-proofs, Rise proofs, Dirt-proofs and Consolidators totally water based and VOC free, developed to make setting and honing operations easier and preventing stains and rises due to setting.Protectors included in this line, thanks to their high performances, offer the materials unique features, course of time. Conceived for application on natural materials before setting, in the project, on 5 or 6 sides. Also ideal, after setting, for the surface treatment.

Is a waterbased stain proof impregnator for high resistency and sustainability. An excellent water and stain proof sealer for many types of surfaces.
Is a water repellent impregnator and provides excellent water protection. Good performance with its water proofing abilities to provide sufficient protection.
Is a waterbased VOC free consolidator and a “honing primer”to hardner all soft surfaces. Serve as a consolidator and honing primer to harden soft and porous surfaces.
Is a waterbased VOC free impragnator with deep penetrations and stain proof performance. Superb penetration with excellent stain proof performance.
Is a high performance stain resistance and weter proofing impregnator. Highly recommended on porous surf aces and white marble d ue to its high penetration and stain resistancy.

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