Dextra was established in 1983 and has since developed into a leading manufacturer and distributor of engineered construction products for the international building and civil industries. Globally recognized for its mechanical splicing systems for reinforcing steel bars, Dextra has also pioneered FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) solutions for numerous construction applications.

Bartec® is the best “pound for pound” mechanical splice system on the market, featuring a guaranteed “bar-break” performance under full tensile load. Bartec not only offers the complete [...]
Griptec is the most accomplished mechanical splice on the market: Its patented production process includes a systematic, non-destructive tensile test that performs a 100% check on the bar end. [...]
This ICC type 2 rolled-thread splice system requires one single machine with one operator for the bar-end preparation. Like all Dextra splice systems, it offers the full range of splice solutions [...]
Groutec is a mechanical splice specially designed to connect pre-cast concrete elements with each other or with structures made in-situ, both horizontally and vertically. At the pre-cast factory, [...]
The Universal Bolted Repair Splicing System   Unitec® system is a universal on-site splicing system, that does not need any hydraulic power tools. A standard compressed air supply [...]
The swaged repair coupler solution by Dextra Repairgrip is an on-site splicing system consisting of a sleeve that is swaged onto the rebars by means of a mobile hydraulic press. t is an easy [...]
  The Ultimate Cold Forged Splicing System Product Features   Fortec is a parallel-threaded mechanical splicing system designed for the connection of concrete reinforcing [...]

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