Aquatherm has developed and produced their own, innovative PP-R materials which meet the requirement of a global market in the potable water and heating technology, in the airconditioning and chilling engineering, in the industrial and agriculture economy, in shipbuilding as well as in fire protection.

    The pipe launched under this new name in several international markets three years ago and quickly came to be recognized for the highest quality and environmental [...]
This system was developed 10 years ago in order to prevent corrosion in air conditioning pipes and quickly expanded its range of application, with many positive features for other fields of piping [...]
ADVANTEGS   - certified and quality inspected - connection by fusion welding - resistant against corrosion and chemicals - no accumulation of corrosion products - low pipe roughness factor [...]
In countries that are highly committed to the environment, like Australia and California, it is already standard to reduce daily water consumption by using recycled water when possible. Now lilac [...]
HEATING PIPES: GENERAL DESCRIPTION The operation of a floor heating system is determined by the quality of the heating pipe used. Typical for the aquatherm orange system-floor [...]
THE AQUATHERM GREY PIPE - CONNECTION PIPE Aquatherm grey pipe- connection pipe The aquatherm grey pipe system offers three types of connection pipes: •  Aquatherm grey pipe-PB [...]
HEATING AND COOLING WITH AQUATHERM BLACK SYSTEM An individual´s physical well being directly depends on the basic environmental conditions of the surroundings. Working efficiency varies [...]

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